Enjoy the Rich Benefits of Wood in Your New Home

Wooden passage

Building a new house brings lot of happiness in your house. There are many things you can do to your new home to make it lovelier and more enjoyable and endurable. What’s your idea of making your home different from others? How do you want to make your home look new and cool?

I guess you would love to know more about the rich benefits of using wood in building your new home. You can do almost anything with wood in your new home. If you want you can go for wooden flooring, wooden ceiling, wooden walls and partitions, etc. In addition, you can fill your new home with wonderful furniture made of wood.

If you are wondering how wood can be beneficial to you and to your surroundings, I would like to offer you a few things of great interest.

Wood makes your environment free from carbon

As you might know it well, trees have got an extraordinary ability to store carbon. They absorb carbon and release oxygen. But as the trees grow they go on absorbing carbon in greater quantities and keep it in. When the trees are cut in to wood for making furniture or construction purpose, it will be very strong. You might be surprised to know that the dry wood contains 50% of carbon.

using wood in construction

Wood makes your homes look beautiful and natural!

Wooden partitions, wooden flooring and wooden ceiling or anything made of wood in the house adds a natural look. Your home looks closer to nature and anybody who spends a few minutes in the home feels he is very close to nature. No artificial fibers around you provide you a sense of classic past when most of the furniture items were made of wood. Wood has a natural art with it. It’s aesthetic!

It’s not just looking natural but they also lend a great look to your living room with beautiful wooden furniture items. Just think for a while how you can increase the use of wood in the articles that you used every day in your home. Chances are high that you will find many things which can be made of wood. Wooden items offer a natural look!

Wood is durable and cost-effective!

Unlike many people think, wood is durable and cost-effective. There is no truth in the opinion that wood is prohibitively costly. Of course, certain wood types like teakwood and rosewood are very rare and hence they are expensive.

Wood is more durable than other materials. Make sure the wooden furniture item is made perfectly by an experienced woodworker with the right tools like best woodworking router. The next thing you have to take is to see that it is away from water for a long time. If you keep the wooden furniture items for a long time in the rain without taking any protection, it will damage the wood.

Take some precautions to preserve the wood and improve its life. For example, go for a wood primer and paint the item if necessary.

Wood keeps you healthy and wealthy!

In a recent study, it is established that people who spend most of their time near to nature and use products made of wood and other natural products tend to have longer and happier life. Wood basically absorbs carbon and reduces the carbon levels in the environment. Moreover, it absorbs heat and makes your home cool in hot seasons and climates.

Increasing exposure to wooden items gives you more and more benefits. In a scientific study it was discovered that the heart rate and the presence of wood have a close relation.

wooden items for home

It’s easier to build to with wood!

Some people might think that it will take too long to build wooden walls or wooden flooring. But when you see the things in practice, it is easier and it takes less time to make things using wood. With the right tools like wood router, table saw and others, the job can be completed within a few hours. Once the wooden items are made perfectly, they won’t get easily spoiled.

Construction with wood is faster and more efficient. Moreover, you can go for construction at any time or season of the year. Even in rainy season also you can do most of the work indoors. Unlike raising concrete structures, you need not be much bothered about untimely rains and fast changing conditions in the weather. Almost year round people can go on constructing home with wood.

Wood is stronger and a great insulator!

When compared to nonreinforced building materials, wood is stronger and has greater longevity. It is a natural insulator with greater ability and structural strength. As an insulator, wood is far better than masonry and steel. For example, wood has greater insulating capacity like it is 400 times better than steel and several hundreds of time better than aluminum.

Though not totally wood, increase its ratio!

If you feel that it is not possible for you to go for the entire construction with wood, don’t be worried. I understand the difficulties with going for one hundred percent wood. But see that if it is possible to raise the proportion of wood in the construction material you use.

Wooden wall paneling

Even if you feel that it is not so easy, at least keep the doors and windows made of wood instead of steel or iron. Recently, there is a growing tendency to use metal for the door frames and windows as well. Nothing can be more awkward than that.

Also plan to have most of the furniture items made of wood. The presence of wooden items gives a natural aesthetic beauty to your home.

Patio, The Outdoor Living Room

Patio Furniture

For those who live in a big city would know the struggle of finding a strategic and dream house especially the one that has a back garden. People that live in an apartment know this struggle. It would be such a bonus if they got quite a spacious balcony.

So for those that have quite a big outdoor space, you should really use the most of it. What you could do is decorate them by adding some furniture so you could really use that space. Yep, furniture is not only for an indoor room but there are some that are specially made for an outdoor space like a patio.

The patio is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation. This is located mostly at the back of the garden, connected to the house, and usually paved. A patio is like the second living room, the outdoor version of it.

This is a space that you should really have because you could get a lot of things and could do so many things in it. The use of it could be as a dining room, so if you are having a big gathering either with your friends of families or when you are having a party, a barbeque party, you could do those activities on the patio. It could also be a place where you do your work, reading some books, and other recreation stuff.

Traditional Patio

There are three categories of furniture for the patio based on the materials. There are wood, wicker, and metal furniture. When choosing between these three, there are some things that you need to think about. Things like the price, size, and especially the weather of where you live.

Those materials have their own characteristic and durability so it would act differently to the weather where you live. If your patio is fully outdoor, exposed directly to the weather, I would suggest you choose the wood and wicker furniture since they are more durable to heat and water.

Metal not really suitable for outdoor especially if your patio is located near the pool since it would corrode so fast. As a side note, having a patio and a pool is really the reason why you should use the most of your outdoor space.

As always, there are two ways to have those items of furniture, either buy it or build it. If you are planning to build it, the furniture that has the biggest possibility to build it yourself is the wooden furniture and the other two is quite hard so probably you just gonna buy them. The most important tool that you going to need is a woodworking router table. Without it, you would get lost.

Some people say that this certain type might be the best table in the market but actually the best router table is the one that has the functions to fulfill your needs. Many router table reviews from woodroutercenter.com may help you in choosing the best router table.

Types of furniture that you could put for your patio are like:

  • Dining set.
  • Bar
  • Sofas
  • Outdoor loungechairs, you could put chairs then add a foot rest or even a seat rocker.
  • Tables include side tables or ottomans.
  • Hammocks, this is a great place to sleep or relax although probably not many people use this anymore.
  • Outdoor benches. You could also buy benches that you could use as a storage container.
  • Deck boxes. This is also to put your extra things. If you happened to have a pool, you could also buy a towel storage to put your dry towels.
  • Bins, an important thing but it often forgotten.

Just like any other room in the house, after you put the furniture in, there is another step to complete. That is the finishing part, to decorate the room. If the room were not looking good or plain, it wouldn’t attract people to come in and use it. That’s why this step is important. Here is what you could do.

Patio Designs

Garden care

As a patio would connect directly to the garden, it makes your view while being on the patio is the garden area, so it is important to keep the garden alive.

Garden décor

If you have already taken care of the garden routinely, as a bonus, you could also decorate them like adding fountains or ponds, walkways, flags, statues or any art.

Pool care

If you have a pool in the back garden, your view is also directly to the pool so it is also important to take care of it.

Patio umbrellas

For those who have a patio that is perfectly outdoor, fully exposed to the weather, you could protect from the heat by adding a patio umbrella.

Furniture cover

As a patio is located outside of the house, to help protect them you could use a furniture cover.

Outdoor cushions

Just like a living room, to make it more comfortable while sitting on the patio, you could add some cushions. Make sure it is for outdoor.

Outdoor rugs

If you are a fan of rugs, you could also add them to your patio just like a usual living room. Although, it may need some special care that differently from the indoor rugs.

Patio Building

Outdoor lighting

Of course, you don’t want to stay in the darkness if you decided to stay on the patio in the nighttime, which makes lighting, is a very important aspect in your back garden.

Patio heaters

You would be able to use the patio in any conditions, include when it’s freezing cold if you add the patio heaters.

Saving money in building a new house

New house building

Building a new house is a great experience in life offering you many opportunities to explore and discover new ways of living and new methods saving money. If you don’t do enough homework on many key decisions about what materials to use and what designs to opt for and what colors to choose from, you will be spending more than what you have actually planned.

So how do you save money while you are getting a new house built for you? This question gains greater importance as you realize that your savings are draining out day by day in the course of construction of the new house. If you are looking for some practical advice and useful tips on how to save money while building a new house, you will gain more by reading the following suggestions.

Prefer default plans to Custom plans

You will save a lot by opting for the stock plans or default plans. The contractors have prepared those plans keeping the economical budget in the mind. They are the best laid out plans for getting a new house for a moderate or a reasonable price. If you choose to have a custom made plan, you will have to spend more money at every small change you want to have in your house. So, prefer the stock plans or custom made plans to save your hard earned money.

building a new house

Choose low maintenance building materials

To save your money while building a new house, consider using the materials that require low maintenance costs. Don’t go for materials that need regular maintenance as they involve maintenance costs. Also see if you can get reuse any materials that you can get from the demolition sites. They could be useful for filling up and supporting materials.

Share a large lot with a friend

Usually, the builders go for a large lot which you may find too big for your family. When you have a small family, there is little wisdom in going for a large flat. Instead, you can share the property by splitting it into two parts. You can share the other part with a friend of yours who you love to be your neighbour. Two brothers can share a one thousand square yard property by sharing 500 yards each.

When you share the property, you can cut on the expenditure by 50% and you can use the remaining for a more secure future. Why throwing your money, when you don’t need a particular thing? When you don’t need a four bed-room flat, you can share that with a friend of yours by making small alterations to it.

Spend where you must and Save where you can

You need to exercise a balance between where you need to spend and where you must save. You can’t apply the same rule of saving for everything when it comes to building a new house. You can’t compromise with the quality of building materials while erecting the columns for your new house.

If you go for inferior building materials, you will be facing many problems later where you will have to spend the double of what you are saving now in the form of doing the repairs. Safety and security are major things and you can’t take any chances with them.

Don’t invite trouble by trying to save your money on the most essential and important things. On the other hand, you can choose good quality sanitary equipment instead of going for a premium and luxurious looking sanitary items.

new construction

Avoid all site preparation costs

Sometimes, there will be site preparation costs which you might initially. You may think that you can straightaway start the construction work once you have purchased the site. Check the site and see whether needs any filling or cleaning before the work starts.

Certain sites need filling in order to reach the expected elevation levels. You need to pay for the materials with which the site needs to be filled in and the transportation charges for getting the material to the site.

Sometimes, you might need to cut the big trees to provide space for your building. Check all these factors to save on your building a new house.

What Makes Your New Home Lovely & Comfortable?

finishing works in building

Building a home and getting it ready for occupation is a great experience in life. It tells many things about your personality and individual taste. Your management skills and your keen eye for aesthetic beauty and appreciation and your tight budgets and several other factors play a key role in making the newly built home into a finished and well furnished home.

Four walls and a roof can’t make home complete

You might be under the impression that after laying the slab on the pillars and raising the walls around the four sides is a major work in building a home. It might give you a sense like the work is almost done. But it is far from the truth. Just having a ceiling and raising four walls can’t make a home. It needs many other things to be provided with and fitted in to make it complete and livable.  A home needs many finishing works that make it lovable and livable.

Let us what factors make it more convenient and comfortable before you occupy it. There are many finishing works that need to be completed well before it is used. Of course, you just can’t imagine living in between four walls without any facilities there. You need to have well furnished bedroom, living room, bathroom and toilet with well fitted sanitary equipment, and water supply points, electrical appliances and provision for ventilation and many other things.

painting the ceiling

Raw walls can’t make your home comfortable

Whatever materials is used for building the walls like bricks, cement, mortar, concrete etc, the walls need to be plastered well. Plastering the walls takes time and you must choose what type of walls you would like to have for your home. Plastering is necessary to cover the cracks and imperfections that might have taken place while building the walls and ceiling. It is important to cover all the ducts for electrical wiring and internet and telephone cables, and air conditioner wires. In short, quality plastering covers all the imperfections and makes them disappear!

Plastering the walls needs careful thought

For the exterior walls you can choose one type of plastering like just ordinary plastering followed by painting. When you plan plastering the interior walls, you have lots of choice to choose from. Many people are crazy about wall puttying which makes the room very beautiful when painted. Quality plastering is essential before the walls are painted or wall papers are fixed.

False ceiling for beauty and reducing heat

Well, after planning for the walls, how are you going to decorate the ceiling? What kind of ceiling do you like to you have? You might consider having false ceiling below the concrete one to reduce the heat that comes from the roof. You can choose to have the material you like for false ceiling. When you are going for wall puttying, see that the roof also gets the same kind of finishing like the walls.

When the ceiling and walls are finished well with the choicest materials you have selected, the next step is going for painting.

Ceiling Decor

Choose colors that suit your tastes best

Painting your new home is an interesting and engaging finishing work. If you want to paint yourself, it will be more engaging and exciting. Before you choose to paint the house, have a clear plan about the colors you want to use for each of your rooms.

The colors you choose for the bedroom should be different from the colors of the living room. To make your home more appealing and attractive, give a thought like going for different colors for different walls in the same room.

If you can’t decide what colors suit the rooms best, consult an interior designer for the best color combinations. You know it well that colors speak all languages!

Choose the floor style that is in sync with walls and ceiling

As you know it quite well, you can opt for marble flooring, petrified tiles, ceramic tiles or wooden flooring or simple ordinary mosaic flooring. What’s your choice? Well, much depends on the budget you have and that is obvious. Even within your budgetary constraints, still you can choose the best designs and colors for the flooring.

See that your floor is simple yet attractive. Consider the aspects like maintenance and durability of the item before you fix it. Because, building a home and getting it ready is an expensive exercise. You can’t change it immediately, simply because you don’t like a particular shade or hue of the color.

Make your bathroom luxurious with quality sanitary equipment

After planning the living room, bedroom, dining hall and the ceiling, walls and the floor, it is time you should consider how you are going to make your bathrooms lovely and cleanChoose the best sanitary ware for the toilets, bathrooms and wash basins. There are a rich variety of colors and designs you can choose from. See that what you select is in harmony with the general style you have adopted so far for your home.

The two things that you need to pay attention are: they should look decent and it should be easy for cleaning.

Decorate a Small Bathroom Visit page View image

Take care of Heating and ventilation

If you happen to live in cold climates where the winters are usually horrible, you must plan perfectly how you are going to provide the necessary heating in the home. To make your new home cozy and comfortable, you must provide for heating equipment and select the ideal place for fixing the same.

In addition to the heating, consider how well is your new home ventilated? See that you get fresh natural air and lighting when the climate is good.

So, keep planning and choose the best that you can afford to make your home a lovely place!

11 tips for painting your house

Rachel painting

To save money in hard time, as well as decorating the house in a way you like even if you don’t have a lot of handicraft or artistic flair, owing use the following tips for making your house feel like a luxury hotel.

Wipe walls before painting

Perhaps preparing walls before painting is the tip to creating a beautiful space. To give your home a nice, new look, you should know how to prepare your walls for painting.

Use a chicken feather duster or a damp cloth to wipe the walls before painting . This is important and little known way to have a beautiful painting.

Paint will not stick well on rough, dusty surfaces and even if it does, it will be rough, unsightly.

Moving the brush in a zigzag motion or W letter

When rolling the brush, start with a diagonal line from the bottom up, then a straight line from the top down and keep so many times until there is smooth and beautiful walls.

Against the first dip,you should move the brush around a bit to open the bristles and let the brush fill completely. It will be easier to pick up a full load with each dip if you jab the brush gently into the paint. And finally, paint follow the zigzag, this make your walls looks smoothly. On the other hand, you can choose airless paint sprayer to do this. You can refer this article: http://www.zentiz.com/top-10-best-paint-sprayer-reviews/

Painting Your House

Sustaining the droplets in the paint

In the photoshop, the paint droplets maybe is something really cool. However in your house, if this thing occurs, it will be really awful. Below is the tip.

Before painting the house, wipe over with a layer of vinegar and wait to dry. The paint on the walls will last longer and is not broken or crushed much later.

Pack the paint tray

Pack the paint tray into plastic bags or foil is a great way to reuse the paint tray for the next time. With this method, the paint and the roller protected there is no need to wash the roller or tray at the end of the day.

It can be left over night, many days, even a week that no matter for the paint and the roller are still good to use.

Make use of Vaseline

If you do not want to paint on any point, let’s apply thick Vaseline cream on that position. And then, paint over that position and wait to dry. Finally,you can use the napkin or towel slightly to clean it, layers of paint from Vaseline will disappear.

Wipe painted on the floor

Use a damp cloth and a little alcohol to clean all unintended paint spills. This method can only apply with Latex paint, it does not work against with paint which combines with oil.

Maintain the paint roller tools

Pack the paint roller in a plastic bag having zipped and then storage in the box which looks like box of French fries. With this, you not only easily maintain paint roller tool but it also avoids causing splatters

Deodorizing the paint

If you can’t bear smell of new paint, add a teaspoon of vanilla essential oil into the paint, and then mix well before painting the walls. If you’re a painter you know just how cool that is.

Brushing the paint brushes

Tie an elastic around the mouth of box to deceive brushes paint per dip. This approach not only will help you save painting but also make dot of painting not to drop down the house.

paint sprayer

Smoothing the surface

To smooth the surfaces and objects which have just painted, use a paper bag of cement to rub surfaces after painting. Cement paper will help the surfaces no longer rough without leaving scratches.

Washing the paint brushes and rollers

Your paint brushes and rollers will last much longer with a bit of care. Below is two instructions for you:

  • The first one, wipe the brush on a rag or paper towel to remove as much paint as possible. Getting rid of the excess paint makes the job of cleaning your brush a lot easier.
  • The second, you should soaking paint brushes in the hot vinegar about 30 minutes before washing with hot soapy water, you will find this task no longer difficult.

The Difference Between A Model House and Your Own House

Model house design

When you are out hunting for a new house, there are a lot of ways to find your dream home. One of the ways is going to a model house. It would be easier to find a house that you really want because you go and see it live, not only from a picture or from the sale’ssweet talks.

If you are not looking for a new house, you could also go to a model house. You could get a lot of things, especially inspirations about the house’s decorations. You could apply them to your own house or for your future house. Before that, there are a couple of things you have to know about the model house’s decorations that make why your house can’t look exactly like the model house.

Ivanah Model House


A model house was built to attract people to buy the house. That’s why it would be made the best as they could. To increase the house itself and to make it looks attractive, they could hire a design interior or the expert to decorate the house. Not every people could and would hire a design interior to design their houses so your own house would probably look different to what the model house look like.


The color is part of the design. It plays a big role in the design of the house. Of course, the design interior or the expert knows what’s best to fit in the house. They know what is the perfect color to make the house stylish and create a positive vibe.


Nobody is living in that model house. The activity involved in the house is only people come in, take a look around, and then get out again. There are no activities like people usually do in their own house that could create a whole mess. The furniture that put in there just meant to look at not used. This is probably the biggest difference between a model house and your own house.

Modern house with interior 3D


People’s mobility now is insane. There are a lot of things that you have to do in one day. Do your work, meeting, take care of your family, catch up with some friends, and in the end of the day when you come home, you already feel tired so you don’t have time to clean your house. The activities that you do also contribute making you house dirty. If a model house didn’t look clean, it won’t attract people to buy it, the company won’t let it happened because it won’t increase their sales.

The Furniture

If you want to buy the house that was shown by the model house, of course, they don’t give you all the furniture and design it exactly like the model house or maybe for some occasions you could but you have to pay extras. If you want to apply the design to your current house, it would probably hard to find the same exact furniture. Also, it will be hard for you if you want to apply the decorations to your new home using your old furniture because the size, the color, etc, must have some differences.

The Quality

When you buy a new house or apartment that was semi furnished of full furnished, yes you could get the furniture and the design so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. But what you need to pay attention is the quality of the furniture. When you buy it yourself, of course, you want the best quality furniture. But when it comes to the house, the quality might not be as good as what you bought because they wanted the cheapest price.

American house

These differences between a model house and your own houses don’t make you can’t have a house like the model. The most important thing to do is to clean up and organize everything. Besides it will make the house looks good, you would feel more comfortable being in it.

You don’t really need to hire a design interior to design your house or duplicate the model house exactly the same. You could use the model house as the inspirations and there are a lot of other sources that you could use like the internet. A model house is only for the eyes but your own house is everything that you need.

Why we should build a house out of wood?

Wood in buildings

Most people in the US build their house with bricks or wood, but wood is preferable and considered as such a great house building material. Here are top 5 reasons why people consider wood to be the building material of choice:

Better for health

Wood comes from trees and is a natural, renewable resource. Wood is one of the oldest materials used by human, including its use as a building materials. Although wood has been used in the world for many years, the research is newly discovered that wood is good for health and well-being.

If you live in a wooden house in a long time, there are  positive physiological effects on your body: lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress responses. With ones used wooden products, there are the increasing number of interactions between people. People are more talkative and more willing to engage each other. Moreover, it helps people improve their emotional state and expand their self-expression positively. Additionally, colors and texture of wood make people feel warm, comfortable that help them reduce stress, anxiety and recovery times. Wood is good at isolating cold, heat and noise. It make wooden house warmer and more peaceful than other house.

sustainable wood buildings

More durable

If wood buildings are maintained properly, they can last hundreds of years. Wood resistant to heat, frost, corrosion and pollution. Wood performs better in a dynamic environment, like high winds or earthquakes. Wood performs better in a natural disasters such as high winds, floods,  earthquakes… Wood even survive earthquakes better than brick and other materials.

Some people think that steel and concrete are much more durable than wood. But a study shown that most steel and concrete buildings were not lasted well than wood buildings. Besides, when older wood buildings no longer can be used for construction,  their wood components are still used for recycling.

Easy to build with

Wood buildings are constructed fast and efficiently. They can be built year-round in most climates by using some simple woodworking tools like miter saw, band saw , wood router or some best router tables in the market ,… to cutting, routing or chamfering the edge of wood pieces. It is relatively easy to build wooden house and create timber.

Most people in USA use wood to build up their house resulting a culture of wooden houses. Let’s check the 9-floor Murray Grove building in London. The building was constructed from cross laminate timber. It tooks 72 weeks to design its concrete frame and  42 weeks to complete. Whereas it took over 9 weeks to build the timer structure by 4 men with each working of 3 days per week.

Cost-effective and naturally beautiful

Let’s compare different wall framing systems to indicated that in terms of building costs, wood frames are consistently the most cost-effective solution. Wood is a popular choice for framing material for many people due to its favorable strength-to-weight ratio, durability and dimensional stability. It can withstand some of the most extreme weather conditions the US has to offer.

Wood Building

For its benefit, wooden houses are energy savings such as building costs and time. They are quickly built when compared to building made from materials like stone, steel and concrete. They use timber as building frames, and many wood working tools such as saw, claw hammer, tape measure, chisels, levels… They all are cheaper than other materials. Wooden constructions require less skilled labor. It is easy to change its design and modify to its building that allow you to get the home the style you want. Therefore, people are able to get larger homes as much as they can.

Wood has been traditionally cheaper and more plentiful. Wood is naturally beautiful and easy to please anyone. It is available of many colors, grains and textures that make  a visual attractive wood.

For a long-term, a wooden house will bring you more comfortable for healthy living with overall lower building cost. Let’s make your best choice for your house!

The Accent For Your House

unique furniture

Home furniture is the essential thing that every building should have, in every house, every office, or every school. Every building needs basic furniture and, of course, different furniture for the people to be able to do some activities in it. The building is going to be useless or, at least, the people won’t feel very comfortable being in the building.

As essential as the present of those furniture’s for a room, the decoration is also an important subject to think about. Of course, there are a lot of ways to decorate. The furniture isn’t only to help people doing their activities, it could also be a decoration for your room. It’s called accent furniture.

Accent furniture is a furniture that stands out from any other and it gives an accent to the room. It’s something that became the spotlight of that room, it would really draw people’s attention to it. The accent furniture could be just as a decoration, but you surely could use them like other furniture.

 Home Furniture

The main point of an accent furniture is, of course, the design. It has to be unique and different from others so when people go into your room, that’s the first thing that they focus on. Because it is unique and different, doesn’t mean that you have to make it yourself or make a custom one, you could buy them because there are a lot of places that sell them nowadays.

Besides that it gives an accent to the room in terms of the design, it could also give an accent in terms of the color that stand out from the whole room’s color. Small things would matter for the look of your room. So, the accent furniture’s functions are:

  • It adds style to the roommake it less boring.
  • It adds color, give some tone, and also bring out your personality.
  • Of course, it could function as the usual furniture. Although, probably you might feel like it’s too beautiful to be used.

There is a whole accent furniture in any form that you could choose. Traditionally, a lot of people were saying that the best room to put your accent furniture is on the entrance because that’s where your guest would see when they first come in. But, actually, you could put it whenever you want.

Accent chairs

Seating is very important for a room in a house, especially the living room. You could choose between an armchair, a club chair, a slipper chair, a side chair, a lounge chair, or even a chair with a high back.

Accent tables

Accent table is a really good accent furniture, it really sweeten up your room. You could choose between an end table, a console and sofa table, a nightstand, a coffee table, a nesting table, a table tray, and a plant table. There are a couple types of end table such as a 3 and 4 legs table, a sled table, a pedestal table, a solid table, a trestle table, and a cross table.

Living Room

Accent cabinets

It’s a great tool to be an additional storage place and also as an addition to the room.

Accent bookcases

Basically, you could put everything that you want on the bookcases to display them so it’s like your little museum in your house. It’s not only to display your books nowadays. There are a standard bookcase, a corner bookcase, a leaning bookcase, a cube bookcase, a bookcase with doors, etc.

Accent benches

Usually, you would find a bench outdoor. But you could really put them inside, like after the entrance door, or even in the living room as additional seating. This would be something unique and fresh.

Accent trunks

Probably not a lot of people use trunks again, that’s why it would make them more unique if you use them. This would be a really center of attention and you could also use them to be sort of a table.

A weird looking shelves or the unsymmetrical shelves have become a diva right one. Why? Because it’s become the spotlight in the room and would really make the room not boring.

Wine racks

Usually, people put wine racks in the basement, you could do it the other way, put it in the living room or in the kitchen as a decoration. Be careful if you have kids, put it away from they reach of it could hurt them if it breaks.

Room dividers

This thing would be so useful, of course, as a tool to divide between rooms. You could choose the plain one or the one that has pattern or picture on it. It’s like a standing art.

Interior design

Instead of hanging your coats, hat, or even umbrella in the coatroom, you could use stands at the entrance to put those stuff. You won’t forget to wear or bring them too.

If you want to buy an accent furniture, don’t be afraid to play with it. That thing is supposed to be the weirdest, the most unique, the most beautiful, and other things that really would make it stand out from the others. It’s really okay if it doesn’t match the rest of the furniture in that room from the colors or themed or models. This accent would really make your room less boring and, of course, it would impress your guests.

The Essentials of A Green Building

Cabrini demolition

After you’ve read enough basic information about green building, you might want to start taking action. For those that doesn’t want to build a new building, you could do some simple things like turn off any appliances after you used them or you could always do these three: reuse, recycle, and reduce.

Meanwhile, for those that are about to build a new building and considering it to make a green building, then there are a couple of things that you need to think of. A green building might need a lot of thinking and preparation, probably more than the ordinary building. These are the basic things a green building should have.

Green Building Design


You have to carefully choose and efficiently use the materials that you are going to use, it should be able to recyclable, reusable, and renewable. This will prevent a waste of resources. By carefully choose them, it will make sure that the materials are really environmentally friendly.

For the walls, you could use brick because it produced less waste in the making. For the floors, you could use several types of woods and of course, the one that responsibly planted and harvested. For the paints and coatings, try to find those that non-toxic and more important that it doesn’t produce air pollution. You could use glass for your building’s materials but you have to choose the one that is sustainable.


People produce waste, and it’s a lot. That’s why we should manage them. For the solid waste, always reuse and recycle. Another important waste that needs to be reduced is the carbon footprint. A great way to solve them is by using the solar panels.

Energy and water efficiency

Probably the biggest problem every building has, it needs a lot of energy to do things, for the lights, for the home appliances, for all the electronic gadgets that you have, basically everything. To efficiently use the energy you could choose appliances that only needs a small amount of energy, use solar energy, and for the lighting, which is an essential part of a building, it must be last long and needs a fewer energy like LED lights.

The amount of water that people used nowadays is uncontrollable. To efficiently use water, you could try to collect the rainwater, maintain the water flow for the sink, and having a good plumbing system.

Air quality

An improved air quality would make a great impact on the people in the building. A great air quality would definitely improve someone’s health and their productivity. As we can’t control the outdoor air quality, what you could do is to improve the indoor air quality and because most people spend their time being indoor.

There are a couple chemicals that certain things have that could cause contamination. Pressed woods are often contained formaldehyde that has a potential to cause cancer. Carpets, paints, glues, and finishes are often contained VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that could cause irritation, allergic reaction, severe coughing, depression, and even memory loss.

Green Home Building


This part is a very important to a green building. There are a lot of elements that a green building should have so the design play a big part of it. If the design isn’t well designed, then it won’t serve its purpose to be a sustainable building or it could be worse that it would disturb the activities that the building are meant to be.

Things that you could do are designed it very well to efficiently use materials for the construction, efficiently use energy and water for the daily usage, and create a comfortable indoor environment for the people inside the building.

Despite all of that, you also need to mind the budget. A green building should help you save money on the materials and the maintenance bills, not the other way around. Try to use only the local materials so it won’t be too expensive for it to send it to you and, of course, it would reduce carbon footprint.

After the building is finished, don’t forget to also do some action to also keep the world more sustainable. Even though the building is environmentally friendly, but it would be worthless if the people in and surround it doesn’t take an action to keep it that way.

The Other Form of A Green Building

Green house

Building a green building isn’t only for those skyscrapers that are often said to be the main reason that caused global warming. Well, it could be for any building like your own house, schools, healthcare facilities, and other commercial buildings. Other buildings and people’s behavior are surely caused global warming too.

It might not be an easy decision to build a green building, but you could start with some simple steps. Each building would have different effects on the people that live or work there and for the surroundings.


After a long hour of work or when it’s been a long day, you would’ve wanted to come home and rest. There might be a problem if you are not feeling comfortable either in your own home. You could create a positive atmosphere by making your home a green one.

Cape Cod Greenhouse

There are a lot of benefits that you could get:

  • Save money because the green house would manage the use of water and energy so the monthly bills would become cheaper.
  • Having a green environment around the house, like a lot of plants or a nice garden, would reduce your stress or even make them as your recreational place.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by using fewer things that can’t be renewable.
  • A green environment would lead into a healthy lifestyle, makes you close to nature, and even encouraging your neighbors.

It takes some simple steps to start a green house, such as always turn off any appliances after you used them, buy appliances that don’t need a lot of energy, try to use solar panels, reduce, reuse, and, recycle.


This place might be frightening for some kids or it might also be a very fun place for them. Having a green environment could affect the teacher and the student in a good way. It’s not only for school, a university building that technically is bigger and have more peoples should also be a green building because it consumes more energy and natural resources.

The benefits that you could get from a green school are:

  • A green environment would improve a child on their social aspect, they would have more spaces to play and get close to nature. There are a lot of activities that kids could do outside rather than only play with gadgets. It could also help the children so they could be more concentrate in class.
  • A green school will improve the children’s health because you use environmental friendly things or materials, fresh air, and the good water quality.
  • Being a green building will also help reduce the maintenance bills because they use less energy.
  • A school and university are a great place to educate students about taking care of our earth so hopefully, they could apply it in their house too.

Some things that you could do are managing the chemicals that used in the laboratory or for any practices since there might be some products that are dangerous and maximize the use of a school bus so you could minimize the use of fuel that the parents use to drive their kids to school.

Green School

Lastly, and probably the most important thing a green school should have is a large green area, like a big park where the kids could play and do a lot of outdoor activities.

Healthcare Facility

A hospital could also be a green building and, of course, it will bring so many good things to the staff and the patient. The benefits that you could get are:

  • A healthcare facility needs a lot of energy for all the machine and stuff, so with being green, you would increase the energy efficiency.
  • Since there would be a lot of plants then the air circulation would bring some fresh air for the peoples.
  • A green environment would improve the staff and patience’s comfort and improve the staff’s work.
  • A green environment would make them could have some spaces for a walk and not stuck with the boring indoor environment.
  • The natural light would also improve the people’s comfort and

Things that you can do are have as many natural lighting as possible, reuse condensate, use appliances that don’t need a lot of energy, and have a lot of green areas such as park or ponds.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Building a green building would bring so many good things for the people that used them and for the surroundings. The main points from it are it could save money on the maintenance bill and it could improve someone’s life in many aspects. Even if you are not building a new one, you could start by doing some simple things.

A small act of taking care of the world and making them more sustainable is always a good start to do even more.

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