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Lehigh Valley Green Builders

Promoting, networking, and informing, this is how we facilitate change. Lehigh Valley Green Builders brings together practitioners and the public to inspire solutions to achieving environmental sustainability in the design and operation of buildings and communities.


LVGB 2012 Annual Meeting and Networking Event

The U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon featured prominently at the LVGB 2012 Annual Meeting and Networking Event with three presentations tied to this biannual world-wide competition. See an overview of this presentation by clicking here.

  • Local home owners, Marie and Paul North shared their experiences in designing, constructing, and living in their newly completed green home, inspired by their visits to the Solar Decathlon in recent years. Learn more about their project by clicking here.
  • Former local resident and now graduate degree candidate at the New School in NYC, Heather Zanoni, presented 2011 Solar Decathlon finalist (and 1st place winner in the Affordability category) Empowerhouse. Learn more about this project by clicking here.
  • Brian Grieb, AIA, Adjunct Professor, and Solar Decathlon Project Team Manager for the University of Maryland, presented the 2011 Solar Decathlon winner, Watershed. Learn more about this project by clicking here.

Lehigh Valley Green Home & Building Expo

Lehigh Valley Green Builders sponsors events to educate the general public as well as architects, building trades professionals, and facilities administrators about the many benefits of green construction and maintenance. The Lehigh Valley Green Home & Building Expo has been an educational resource as well as a showcase, access presentations made on numerous important topics by clicking here.


A Guide to Composting for Kids
An informative page that has over 30 links to composting guides and resources. Thank you to Ms. Graham's 5th grade students (and Michelle) at Cleary Mountain Elementary School in California for providing us this useful resource.

Advanced Buildings Technologies and Practices
A building professional's guide to technologies and practices that improve the energy and resource efficiency of commercial and multi-unit residential buildings. Covers design and construction issues, including indoor air quality, water conservation, waste management, electricity production and energy efficiency. Info Sources contains downloadable "Daylighting Guide for Canadian Commercial Buildings," which provides designer tools and techniques for design of high-performance daylit commercial buildings. Provides information on building products, including heating and cooling, lighting and ventilation materials. Includes product descriptions, use guides, applications, benefits and limitations, experience, list of manufacturers and case studies.

Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute
Provides link to Consortium for Energy Efficiency directory of verified equipment. Environmental Advocacy includes information on national and international energy policy issues, energy efficiency, European Union's Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings, commercial building HVACR efficiency, minimum efficiency standards.

Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth
Provides state energy profiles for 12 states, including residential, business, farming, manufacturing consumption trends; national energy consumption and price charts.

Alliance to Save Energy
Provides tips, facts, links on appliance and equipment standards; building energy efficiency information and publications; insulation tips; lighting links; windows facts and tips; updates on energy-efficiency policies and programs in more than 20 countries. Hotel Energy Efficiency provides overviews and articles on HVAC systems; boiler and steam operations; window technology. Includes industrial energy efficiency publications, reports, emissions compliance tips.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Lists most energy-efficient residential appliances by category; contains Online Guide to Energy-Efficient Commercial Equipment; reports on emerging technologies for the residential and commercial sectors; current and archival product research reports. Buildings Program provides summaries and order information for books, papers, reports and guides organized by building type (homes, apartments and commercial buildings) and utility reports; links and guides for residential appliances (including heaters and boilers); links to papers on appliance standards and building codes; information about energy efficiency projects. Provides downloadable fact sheets, consumer resources. State Energy Efficiency Policy Database includes state-specific energy policy information on tax credits, building codes, appliance and equipment standards.

ASHRAE Sustainability Resources
Offers for sale "GreenGuide: The Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable Buildings." Offers free download of 38 accompanying American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers GreenTips, which contain information on techniques, processes, measures or systems; Advanced Energy Design Guidelines for K-12 School Buildings, Small Retail Buildings, and Small Office Buildings. Sustainability Resources includes digital edition of the High Performance Buildings Magazine; list of courses and certification programs; online tools and presentations. Green Commercial Resources includes articles on BIM and other technologies.

Association of Energy Engineers
Offers certification programs for energy management, green building engineering, lighting efficiency, building commissioning, indoor air quality, geoexchange design. Provides study guides, schedules, online applications and renewal. Includes links to divisions; lists chapters by state; corporate members. Offers publications and seminars; lists certification programs; links to job postings; lists environmental, energy conferences, trade shows. Online journals and newsletters offer subscriptions, free samples to registered users.

Best of Building Science Online Training
Online training module that incorporates Home Energy Magazine articles, Department of Energy Building America technology reports, other sources into a video format designed for builders, subcontractors and design professionals in the residential construction business.

Best Practice Guide: Commercial Office Buildings
Can view guide and case studies, provided by the Flex Your Power initiative.

Building Energy Software Tools Directory
Directory of hundreds of building software tools for evaluating energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. Includes databases, spreadsheets, component and systems analyses, whole-building energy performance simulation programs. Can view list by subject, country, platform or alphabetically.

Building Environmental Science and Technology
Gives information on implementing innovative and cost-effective green building practices; offers technical services related to building practices, development, energy policy and the environment. Resources/Files includes building life cycle cost analysis software tool. Contains "Green Building Reference Guide" and "Home Builders Basics on Indoor Air Quality." Publications contains extensive list of reports, papers and other publications related to environmental building that can be downloaded or purchased. Provides links to other environmental building and energy efficiency Web sites; list of state energy offices; design tips, documents, software, presentations, event listings and links to energy efficiency resources for builders and designers.

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability
BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) software developed by the NIST Building and Fire Research Laboratory is aimed at designers, builders and product manufacturers to assist in selecting cost-effective, environmentally-preferable building products. Includes environmental and economic performance data for 230 building products.

Building and Fire Research Laboratory
Office of Applied Economics contains project summaries, publications on improving life-cycle quality and economy of constructed facilities, including "Life-Cycle Costing Manual for the Federal Energy Management Program."

Building Design Advisor
Software developed by the Building Technologies Department of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Provides support to building professionals from the schematic phases of building design to the detailed specification of building systems and components. Offers software and publications for download.

Building Materials Reuse Association
Provides news, articles, event listings, job postings, link to HUD Guide to Deconstruction. Directory lists companies, organizations, professionals involved in reuse and recycling of recovered building materials.

Carpet America Recovery Effort
Carpet industry initiative to reuse and recycle old carpet. Includes directory of recycling processors and recycled content product manufacturers.

Carpet and Rug Institute
Commercial Customers provides Green Label Plus program overview, fact sheets; testing and product requirements; sustainability report.

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Non-profit education, research and demonstration organization specializing in life cycle planning and design. Contains technical papers and reports on theory and practice of sustainable building systems; indigenous building and materials; regionalized approach for industrialization of building, including economic development implications, master planning. Includes project reports and presentations; information about center's projects and services in architecture, design, master planning.

Center for Sustainable Building Research
Research institute at the University of Minnesota. Provides overview of research activities on sustainable design, building evaluation, windows and glazings, renewable energy, foundations. Includes Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide and sustainable materials database.

Center for the Built Environment
Established under the National Science Foundation's Industry/University Cooperative Research Program to develop ideas to improve design and operation of commercial buildings. Provides information about research projects on building design and performance; downloadable research reports and publications; updates on new technologies and techniques for indoor air quality, sustainable design and energy efficiency. Underfloor Air Technology Web site contains design guidelines, overview of construction and code issues, and case studies.

Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Non-profit corporation that facilitates development, use and testing of energy efficient, durable, healthy and cost effective building technologies for Alaska and other cold climate regions. Research includes mold survey and link to AK Warm Design Heat Loss Calculator.

Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
Conducted by the Energy Information Administration, this national survey collects energy-related building characteristics, energy consumption and energy expenditures data for commercial buildings in the United States. Data is available in tables, consumption estimates, special topics and data reports, public use data formats.

Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials
Consortium of government agencies, research institutions and private companies formed to continue research by National Academy of Science regarding the impacts of producing and using renewable materials. Includes reports, fact sheets, presentations on life-cycle assessment and environmental performance of wood and other renewable building materials.

Consortium of Energy Efficiency
Provides specifications, fact sheets, lists of qualifying residential, commercial, industrial appliances, products, building components and materials. Market Assessment and Program Evaluation Clearinghouse is a searchable database of more than 300 evaluation reports, market assessments, characterization studies; includes information about CEE evaluations.

Construction and Demolition Recycler
Includes current, archival magazine articles and departments; recycling industry news and news archive organized by topic; discussion board; event calendar; product directory; recycling RFPs; links.

Cradle to Cradle Certification
Provides environmentally responsible certification of materials and designs based on ecological safety; material reutilization, such as recycling or composting; use of renewable energy and energy efficiency; efficient use of water; maximum water quality associated with production; strategies for social responsibility. Includes certification criteria, application forms, database of certified products searchable by rating, company name or product type.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
Project of the North Carolina Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council funded by Department of Energy. Lists state and local commercial and residential renewable energy incentives by state and federal incentives by program.

Daylight 1-2-3
Daylighting analysis tool developed to support daylighting-related design decisions in commercial buildings during an early design stage. Offers comparative analysis of the amount of daylight available in peripheral private offices and the lighting energy performance of automated lighting controls (occupancy sensors, photocells) compared to standard on/off switches. Lightswitch Wizard results are based on pre-calculated RADIANCE simulations coupled with an empirical model that mimics manual lighting and blind control in single offices.

Daylighting Collaborative
Program started by utilities and the State of Wisconsin to incorporate daylighting into mainstream design and construction. Contains articles, workbooks, information on technical issues, green building issues, economic and environmental performance, project goals and costs, and case studies. Offers education programs.

Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Building Technologies Program provides information about building commissioning; building siting guide; whole building design information, documents; high performance buildings database; high performance commercial building design guidelines; Performance Metrics Research Project; financing; and examples of practices and projects for various types of buildings. Provides appliance and commercial equipment standards that include residential and commercial rulemakings, notices, reports. Includes information about emerging technologies for appliances; heating, cooling and refrigeration; lighting; walls, insulation, HVAC, roofs and foundations; and windows, glazing and doors. Provides information about Zero Energy Buildings research program, Indoor Air Quality research and other emerging technologies. Includes building energy data tools, data tables and technical reports; energy and environmental guidelines for construction; whole building design and construction checklist; and Integrated Building Design for Energy Efficiency guide. EnergySmart Schools contains energy design guidelines for high performance schools. Federal Energy Management Program provides Building Commissioning Guide; design assistance; life-cycle cost analysis tools and documents; link to Whole Building Design Guide. Office of Industrial Technologies includes best practices tools and documents. State Energy Portal includes state building energy code case studies; high performance buildings database; zero energy home case studies; interactive REScheck and COMcheck energy compliance tools; and interactive ZIP code insulation calculation program. Provides monthly summary of solicitations related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development.

Internet-based excavation services site that allows members to buy, sell and trade fill and aggregate materials; can post excavation needs and excavation-related services; can get information about excavation activities and services near job sites. Visitors can view site demo.

Provides information about recycling markets; overview of recycling process; environmental and permitting issues; technical reports, papers, fact sheets.

Ecological Building Network
International association of builders, engineers, architects, academics and developers promoting sustainable building methods and materials. Provides examples of ecological structures; index of papers and links; technical information; links to manufacturers of ecological building materials; and articles on building codes and sustainability.

International knowledge base of more than 3,200 environmentally preferable products, materials, technologies searchable by country of availability, category or keyword. Knowledge Base includes overview of material impacts in construction; priority-setting guides organized by product type; overview of building product standards development; product technical guides; case studies; green design and life cycle analysis software; glossary.

Includes current and archival issues since 2003; online green building courses; green job openings.

Efficiency Valuation Organization
Non-profit organization founded by the Department of Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to create efficiency measurement and verification tools. Offers International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol documents and training courses.

Efficient Windows Collaborative
Provides energy efficiency information about windows. Provides recommended window properties, fact sheets, design variations, annual energy costs, skylight performance and impact of design variation for different types of windows by geographic area. Provides technical information related to energy and cost savings, condensation, light and view, fading, and HVAC costs for different types of windows. Includes technical properties for different glazing, framing and operating types and technologies; fact sheets by state; software; newsletter; and glass and window glossary.

Energy Conservation Standards for New Federal Buildings
Provides full text of Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program’s energy conversation regulations. Regulations cover new federal commercial and residential buildings, both high-rise and low-rise; energy efficient products; motors; standby energy products.

Energy Design Tools
Software developed by the University of California, Los Angeles Department of Architecture and Urban Design to assist with selection of energy-efficient building components. Includes building energy performance calculator; Climate Consultant climate data analysis tool for architects; sunlight calculator. Offers bibliography and technical papers for building energy software designers and users.

Energy Efficient Building Association
Institute of Building Technology offers courses and programs in building and construction science, including the MasterBuilder Program and Houses That Work program. Contains building technology articles; links to resources on new construction, building envelopes, mechanical systems, the indoor environment; criteria for energy- and resource-efficient buildings; "Top Ten List of Dumb Things to Do in the South," which covers technical issues related to air quality, ventilation systems and moisture protection for buildings in the South; newsletters. Bookstore offers Builder Guides for different climates; construction guides; publications on indoor air quality, moisture, ventilation; building and energy codes.

Energy Federation Incorporated
Contains documents on energy conservation, lighting technology, HVAC; list of international electricity standards organized by region and country; product sheets for lighting fixtures, insulation, HVAC equipment.

Energy Services Coalition
Non-profit organization working to increase energy efficiency through energy-saving performance contracting. Provides member and chapter directories; list of performance contracting activities and resources by state; links to federal and state performance contracting and financing programs; legislative links; model performance contracting documents; case studies; events; online Q & A service.

EnergySmart Schools
Solution Center contains downloadable files and links for low/no cost improvements, energy efficiency retrofits, major renovations, new construction, non-building energy resources, project planning calculators, full text of National Best Practices Manual for Building High Performance Schools. Sectors contains news and guides by project type, including K-12, colleges and universities, public and multifamily housing, commercial buildings. Lists community, strategic, business partnerships; provides news, event listings; Rebuild Network Intranet site for program information, partnership reports, internal program submission process activities.

Energy Solutions Center
Promotes new energy-efficient, gas-fueled technologies for commercial, industrial, and residential energy users. Provides profiles of new technologies for residential, commercial, and industrial markets for appliances, water heating, HVACR, patio and pool heaters, process cooling and heating, air compressors, boilers and steam generation. Provides directory of technologies by name; software profiles; case studies; issues of Gas Technology Magazine.

Energy Star
Provides Energy Star database of appliances; heating, cooling and lighting products; windows, doors and equipment; Energy Star labeled buildings database. Includes service provider directory (architects, engineers, contractors, energy consultants and utilities) and directory of professional engineers that have performed verifications for ENERGY STAR labeled buildings. Can download Professional Engineer's Guide to the Energy Star Label for Buildings and supporting documents; Indoor Air Quality for Schools Toolkit. Offers online interactive Home Energy Yardstick score system; home energy and home improvement advisers; business improvement tools; builder resources; HVAC contractor software tools, calculators and checklists.

EnergyStar, Portfolio Manager
Interactive energy management tool that allows building owners and managers to track, assess energy, water consumption by building or across portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment.

Environmental Building Design and Construction Portal
Online environmental design and green building resources include publications, case studies, product information, lists of organizations and government agencies, directories, forums.

Environmental Building News
Contains summary of the current issue; topical database of articles; searchable High Performance Buildings Case Studies. Subscribers have full-text access. GreenSpec is a subscription-based product information directory with listings for more than 1,800 environmentally preferable building products, including descriptions, manufacturer information, links. Reference includes links; bibliography; discussion forum; events calendar; online bookstore.

Environmental Design and Construction
Covers environmentally-sound building design and construction. Contains feature articles from the current issue; new product features; Green Book Buyer's Guide Directory; and searchable article archive. Includes industry links and calendar of industry events. Can subscribe and order article or issue reprints online.

Environmental Design Research Association
Provides links to environmental design publications; online catalogs; career opportunities in academia; academic programs.

Environmental Protection Agency, Green Building
Provides overview of green building benefits and components; resources by building type; environmental FAQs related to green building; links to funding programs; statistics on buildings and the environment; publications; design tools; research links.

Federal Trade Commission
Businesses contains Energy and Environment Homepage, which includes EnergyGuide sample labels for appliances, plumbing and lighting products; energy-use data for major appliances; business compliance guides on energy use. Also contains Home Insulation and Energy Efficiency page, which provides R-Value rules, notices; enforcement notices for specific companies.

Online exchange for dirt for construction needs allows members to post fill needs or fill availability; offers free trial membership.

Online meeting place for those who need construction fill and short haul trucking of aggregate. Members can browse for fill needs and availability; post classified ads for equipment and other goods.

Contains sustainability articles and product directory.

Forest Stewardship Council
Creates, maintains standards; supports sustainable forest management practices. Can download "Designing and Building with FSC" Guide. Provides information about Designing and Building with FSC Award and AIA-accredited training program. Lists certified companies and accredited certifiers. Document List includes certification fact sheets, criteria, procedures; regional forest certification standards; international fact sheets. Product Search contains FSC International Database and Metafore International Database of approved vendors, products.

Global Green USA
Registered users can download "Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing: Developer Guidelines for Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Communities"; "Sustainable Building Guidebook, Checklist and Sourcebook"; green building practices fact sheets; commercial properties retrofitting guide; "New Home Construction and Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines"; and other publications. Provides information about green building programs and initiatives.

Green Advantage Environmental Certification
Green Advantage is supported by an Environmental Protection Agency grant and is the result of collaboration between the Nature Conservancy, Science Applications International Corp. and University of Florida. Offers environmental certification for commercial and residential contractors, builders; includes schedule of all-day seminars nationwide, exam information, directory of certified professionals in 23 states.

Green@Work Magazine
Includes environmental and green building industry news; provides selected articles free of charge; subscribers can access all of magazine's content.

Include articles on building and construction, procurement, energy efficiency, facility management, green product design, technologies and remediation.

Portal for green building education that offers United States Green Building Council courses, articles, videos, conference proceedings, other educational resources.

Green Building Alliance
Lists green building workshops, conferences and events. Provides overview of green design; green design case studies; online quarterly newsletter; and online surveys.

Green Building Initiative
Promotes green building approaches by builders, architects and other building professionals. Provides resources for residential and commercial builders; link to National Association of Home Builders' Green Building Guidelines; information about cool roofs; link to Cool Roofing Materials Database; FAQs on Green Globes green building rating system and certification ratings; case studies; program summary.

Green Building Materials Virtual Sample Room
Contains searchable product database and directory of green suppliers.

Green Building Pages
Includes design checklist and case studies; green products directory; links to green building professionals, organizations, research labs, government agencies, funding sources.

Green Building Studio
Web-based whole building energy analysis service for architects and designers that performs carbon neutral building check to predict the feasibility of a building reaching carbon neutral status using local grid emission data. Analyzes potential for use of a photovoltaic and wind energy generation; performs water use analysis to estimate water needs, efficiency savings, potential for rain capture and LEED credits; gauges the LEED Glaze factor for any room, with lighting control energy savings; gauges potential for natural ventilation.

Green Communities
Funded by Enterprise Community Partners affordable housing and community development non-profit corporation. Program aims at making environmentally sustainable development the mainstream in the affordable housing industry. Provides descriptions of grant, loan, tax credit programs; cost and benefit considerations of green development; online training; overview of local programs; project profiles.

Provides Mechanical Contractor's Guide to LEED; information and links on energy and water efficiency; list of LEED courses and other events; links and tips on becoming a green contractor; green building market statistics; link to Database of State and Local Incentives and Mandates for Green Building; lifecycle cost links.

Contains full text of the Green National Standard; information about renewable energy product certification program; searchable database of renewable energy providers.

Online center for environmentally responsible building development offers articles, case studies, news; resources on architecture, building materials, design, facilities management, energy use, land use. Tools and Resources offers "The Law of Building Green," "BEES 4.0: Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability" software.

Green Guard
Provides information about indoor air quality-certified building products. Registered users can search product guide by product category, type or manufacturer; includes product certification standards. Provides product specification comparisons; green products articles, presentations, white papers; links to government and professional organization programs that include GREENGUARD Standards for Low Emitting Products.

Green Guide for Health Care
Registered users can download the Guide, a sustainable design toolkit integrating environmental and health principles, practices into the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of healthcare facilities. The guide, developed with the support from National Center for Environmental Health, United States Green Building Council, American Society for Healthcare Engineering, and other organizations and professionals, focuses on hospitals, medical office buildings, clinics, related facilities. Links contains Green Healthcare Construction Guidance Statement developed by ASHE and other healthcare facilities guidance documents.

Green Infrastructure Conservation Fund
Established to support land conservation activities. Provides Green Infrastructure Book; case study reports; information on Green Infrastructure Community of Practice, which is a collaborative network of organizations and agencies created to share expertise in the green infrastructure approach to conservation and environmental protection, restoration.

Online directory of environmentally friendly building materials and furnishings organized by CSI MasterFormat category. Provides product descriptions and reviews; key environmental indicators; material health and safety charts.

Provides information about roof greening systems and green roof components; physical, environmental and aesthetic issues. Includes U.S. and international case studies; project database. Contains directory of component suppliers. JobLinks lists opportunities for landscape professionals. StudentForum is an online meeting place for students to post projects and papers on green roofs, chat with other students; includes student directory.

Green Seal
Contains Green Seal environmental standards; green product recommendations; and product certification information.

Collaborative publication and Web site of BuildingGreen and Architectural Record is dedicated to green and sustainable architecture, design, building. Can view news stories; project profiles; articles on design, technology innovation, products; blogs; event listings.

Habitat for Humanity, Construction and Environmental Resources
Provides information about Better Built Program; bulletins on energy efficient construction, air leaking, insulation, combustion equipment safety, attic insulation; directory of Habitat ReStores, retail outlets for used and surplus building materials; project examples; safe construction practices videos.

Healthy House Institute
Provides articles on green products, green roofs, foundation damp-proofing and waterproofing; building materials specification guide; health and safety checklist.

Home Energy Magazine
Contains home energy guides for builders and consumers; archive of articles on home energy issues; training programs for builders.

Horizon Engineering, Green Room
Includes articles on building commissioning and green building practices.

Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability, Sustainable Products Standards
Scroll down to find downloadable product standards for sustainable textiles, carpeting, flooring, building products; economic benefits standard for sustainable products, vehicles and buildings; analysis of increased profitability of sustainable products and buildings.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Can purchase Scrap Specifications Circular online.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Environmental Energy Technologies Division includes Building Technologies and Indoor Environment Departments. Building Technologies Department provides technical information, reports, data libraries and other resources on windows, daylighting, lighting systems, building energy simulation, commercial building systems. Indoor Environment Department provides information about research on commercial building thermal distribution, ventilation, residential ventilation, energy and thermal distribution, ventilation standards and systems. Energy Analysis Department provides online building energy analysis tools, information about Building Energy Measurement and Performance Analysis research, energy efficiency labels and standards, energy end-use forecasting project profiles, publications.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Environmental Energy Technologies Division
Provides overview of research activities on building energy efficiency, energy analysis, indoor and outdoor environmental quality, advanced energy technologies. Resources include software, publications, seminars, news, links.

National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program
Provides Model Green Home Building Guidelines; status updates on National Green Building Standard, working drafts, other documents. Lists voluntary green building programs by state; lists accredited home verifiers; provides home certification resources; builder certification program course listings; Green Building Verifier's Resource Guide; online Green Scoring Tool; events.

National Association of Home Builders, Research Center, Consensus Committee on the National Green Building Standard
Provides working draft of the National Green Building Standard; standard development information and documents; Green Home Building Guidelines.

National Park Service, Green Toolbox
Contains information about energy and sustainability regulations; Department of the Interior Buildings/Facilities Energy Management and Water Conservation Plan; renewable energy; energy and water conservation; renewable building materials; appliances; sustainable publications, including "Guiding Principles of Sustainable Design."

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Center for Buildings and Thermal Systems provides information about research on high performance commercial buildings; examples of commercial building projects, with technical details and publications; technical papers on research, testing and analysis; examples of applying technology in energy efficiency and solar energy; and other high performance buildings resources. Includes publications on geothermal technologies. National Wind Technology Center includes research project notices and technical publications library.

New Buildings Institute
Non-profit organization that promotes energy efficiency in buildings through policy development, research, guidelines, codes. Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program provides information and reports on research on daylighting and productivity; HVAC integration; skylights and ceilings; ducting and air flow; outdoor lighting. Registered users can download Advanced Lighting Guidelines. Visitors can download other lighting technical materials; Roof Insulation Guideline; high performance building specifications by MasterFormat divisions; mechanical design guidelines; Commercial Building Air Quality report; research project reports; online presentations. Can download SkyCalc program, which identifies the optimum skylighting design for a building and compares the net energy cost savings; eQUEST, a building energy use analysis tool.

Oikos Green Building Source
Contains an extensive database of manufacturers of environmentally beneficial construction products organized by CSI divisions, including concrete, masonry, metals, wood, plastic, doors, windows, finishes, specialty and electrical products. Registered users can request product literature online. Green Building Library contains articles on green design, green building, green building materials, daylighting, insulation and other topics. Contains monthly Green Building News. Can order books, videos and software on sustainable construction and related topics.

Pennsylvania Governor's Green Government Council
Contains information about green building programs; "High Performance Green Building Guidelines" and "General Performance Standards and Specifications for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Leased Facilities"; and building, architectural, interior design and planning tips.

Lists companies, associations and publications by recycled material or product type; includes news and events. Recycler's Exchange lists materials and products for sale or exchange.

Reed Construction Data, Green Construction
Includes LEED certification primer; Building Integrated Photovoltaics analysis; articles on green building, green roofing, solar energy, LEED certification; green construction news; green community blog.

Resource Renewal Institute
Includes project profiles and documents for resource management plan; Green Plan primer; archive of green planning activities and reports by country.

Reusable Industrial Packaging Association
Lists member manufacturers and suppliers.

Rocky Mountain Institute
Offers consulting services to improve efficiency in design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and other projects; information on consulting assistance to incorporate resource-efficient and environmentally responsive design into projects by analyzing site and building design, energy and water efficiency, construction materials and resources, lighting and mechanical design, and building ecology. Contains information on environmentally responsible building seminars, lectures and builder-training workshops; green development case studies; and green design publications.

Roy F. Weston
Technology contains publications on the use of innovative environmental technologies. Green Buildings contains downloadable technical papers on environmental issues.

Sandia National Laboratories, Renewable Energy Technologies Division
Provides information about development of solar and geothermal energy technologies; distributed energy storage. Wind Energy Technology provides overview of research projects, publications, energy links.

Scientific Certification Systems
Provides searchable directory of green-certified products. Covers adhesives, building and construction materials, flooring, furniture, plastics, reclaimed materials, rock, textiles, fiber. Includes Forest Stewardship Council certified wood products directory.

Smart Communities Network
Provides information about sustainable development technologies and green building practices and principles; "Sustainable Building Technical Manual: Green Building Design, Construction, and Operations"; articles and other publications on environmentally friendly, energy-efficient construction. Links to green building and development codes and local ordinances; energy efficiency design standards; guidelines; success stories. Links to resources for energy efficiency; green building and development; land use planning; sustainable development. Sustainable Development Resources database includes local, national and international organizations and government agencies active in development of sustainable technologies and methods. Finance and Sustainability lists funding opportunities; loan and grant programs; green building finance programs; lending institutions; publications, tools and articles. Disaster Planning contains case studies; link to local disaster planning codes and ordinances; articles; publications; links.

Sourcebook for Green and Sustainable Building
Contains technical recommendations for environmentally friendly homebuilding, many of which are relevant to commercial development, with sections on water, energy, building materials, solid waste.

Southface Energy Institute
Can download fact sheets on sustainable building resources, energy-wise appliances, water and energy conservation, energy efficient construction, radon resistant construction and solar energy resources. Can download energy code fact sheets; Residential Energy Design and Construction Bulletin. Can access current and archival articles of the Southface Journal of Sustainable Building.

Specify Green
Master Painters Institute-developed Green Performance Standard and Approved Products List that takes into consideration volatile organic compounds, emissions, performance/durability. Lists chemical component restrictions; volatile organic compounds requirements; definitions; category descriptions. Can browse approved list and view manufacturers, with contact information and profiles.

Sustainable Architecture Building and Culture
Portal of links to Web resources related to sustainable development and environmentally healthy building technology, architecture and engineering. Topics include air and water quality, architects and architecture, eco-building materials, natural building technologies, sustainable development and transportation.

Sustainable Architecture Compendium
Contains downloadable Introductory, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Building Materials, and Recycling and Reuse modules. Modules include technical papers, bibliographies and resource lists.

Sustainable Architecture: Eco Design and Landscaping
Contains archive of information about sustainable architecture; includes articles, checklists, bibliography and links to other resources.

Sustainable Building Industry Council
Promotes advances in the design, affordability, energy performance and environmental soundness of residential, institutional and commercial buildings. Provides information about programs for residential, school, government, small commercial buildings; best practice awards. Offers high performance school building design guides; sustainable design for federal buildings; green building guidelines; technical materials; low energy building design guide; building energy analysis software; other publications for sale online. Offers design workshops; free online training. Can download Renewable Energy Policy Project Whole Buildings white paper and other publications. Lists member architecture/design/engineering firms, builders, consultants, companies, organizations.

Sustainable Building Resource Directory
Contains Green and Affordable Housing primer; directory of sustainable building service providers, including planning, design, construction; consultants; financing, training; building products.

Sustainable Design Resource Guide
Provides sustainable design guidelines organized by MasterFormat with links to other sustainable design resources.

Sustainable Industries
Green Building provides annual Top 10 green building products list, green real estate guide, green office guide; job listings; industry updates.

Sustainable Sites Initiative
Partnership of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas at Austin and United States Botanic Garden. Provides "Standards and Guidelines" report containing more than 200 recommendations for designing and building sustainable landscapes as part of initiative to create voluntary industry guidelines and rating system.

Tax Incentives Assistance Project
Provides information about federal income tax incentives for energy efficient products and technologies included in the Energy Policy Act. Provides guidelines for commercial buildings, solar energy systems, fuel cells. Builders/Manufacturers provides EnergyStar criteria for appliances, New Homes Credit presentations, link to EnergyGauge software, tax resources.

ToolBase Services: The Home Building Industry's Technical Information Resource
Green Building includes fact sheets; resource directory; information about local green building programs, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Energy contains documents and links on air sealing/ventilation, building design and site planning, insulation and renewable energy. Construction Waste Management offers for sale publications on material reuse and recycling.

United States Green Building Council
Contains publications, including the "Sustainable Building Technical Manual" and the "Local Government Sustainable Buildings Guidebook." Users can download the LEED Rating System, designed for assessing and rating new and existing commercial, institutional and high-rise residential buildings to determine environmental status. Industry Research provides links to research papers and reports on economic analyses of sustainable building, green building and daylighting.

U.S. Composting Council
Projects and Information provides Compost Standards for Erosion/Sediment Control. Publications offers for sale compost facility development guide, planning guide, landscape architecture compost use specifications.

Whole Building Design Guide
Joint project of the National Institute of Building Sciences and federal agencies. Contains news; design guidance by building type and design objective; mandates and references; listings of training activities and events; Building Envelope Design Guide for design and construction of institutional and office buildings; Field Guide to Sustainable Construction.

Wood Floor Resource Group
Eco Product Selector sorts wood products by LEED credits, eco-attributes, construction type, measurement. Eco Issues includes overview of ecological properties of flooring products, green building as it affects wood flooring, sustainable forestry practices, building product comparisons, comparison of forest certification systems. Downloads includes brochures on Green Resource Underlayment and green exotic flooring.

WoodWorks for Non-Residential Construction
Initiative of the Wood Products Council, a cooperative venture of major wood associations in North America. Sustainable Design provides sustainable design links, green building rating system documents, forest certification brochures, energy efficiency documents, energy consumption comparisons by type of construction, climate change fact sheets.

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